Link Schools

China Link

We were proud to welcome Teacher Fang from our link school in China he spent some time in classes and led a special assembly.  In the assembly Teacher Fang showed us some Chinese writing and spoke about the origin of Chinese characters and we all practised speaking Chinese together.  Then Teacher Fang treated us to a Tai Chi demonstration and we had some time to ask him questions about his school.

Our link school in China is The Primary School Attached to Hunan Vocational College for Nationalities – it has 2225 pupils!

Mrs Eveleigh visited our link school in China in October

Link School in Bristol – Knowle Park Primary School

We are very proud to have a link with Knowle Park School in Bristol. 

The children from Knowle Park really enjoyed their visit as Meare looks very different to Bristol.  The children enjoyed seeing the countryside and having lots of room to run and play outdoors.  They visited Station Farm and they were thrilled to see all of the different animals – they even fed the lambs!

The children from Meare really enjoyed meeting the children from Knowle Park they all made friends quickly and had a good time playing together.

This year we are looking forward to taking our turn to visit Knowle Park.

Kenyan Link School
- Mudindi School, Kenya

Mr Dyga recently had the opportunity to visit our Kenyan link school Mudindi Village Mixed Day Primary. The pictures give an idea of Kenyan life and Mudindi School

Our School is very lucky to have a Link School in Kenya called Mudindi. We have had the link for about six years and every year, we have had one of the teachers come and visit for a least two weeks.

Madam Jessica visited us again in July 2013