Prospective Reception Open Mornings - Tuesday 5th October 10am and Thursday 4th November 10am 

Pegasus Class

Welcome to the new school year 2021-2022!

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A.F. Harrold Visit
We have loved watching A.F. Harrold perform some of his poems this week. You can check these out at home by following this link:
Our class favourites were ‘I want to be a Wallaby’ and ‘A poem about a dog having a bath’

Owl Pellets
In English we have been finding out lots of facts and information about Barn Owls in readiness to write our own fact files. We read about how an owl regurgitates the fur and bones from the small nocturnal animals that it eats in the form of a pellet. Winnie was super excited because her Nanny’s next door neighbour has some barn owls and kindly gave her some pellets to show the class. We enjoyed dissecting two of them and found lots of bones! We used magnifying glasses to take a closer look too.

Kirsty Way Visit
We had a very inspiring visit from Kirsty Way. Participating in the circuits was brilliant fun and we were super tired by the time we had finished, it was good to get our bodies moving and to hear about Kirsty’s achievements too. 

Owl Babies Drama
We wrote letters to Bill from the Owl Babies story. To help us think about how Bill was feeling when his Owl Mother had gone, we did some drama together! I was so impressed with the children’s interpretations.

Muddy Monday
We had a great Muddy Monday last week! Blackberry picking, identifying leaves and clearing the outdoor areas was the flavour of the day and we had so much fun.

Owl Babies Art

How brilliant do our Owl Babies look!? 

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