What does Meare Village Primary School look like?

Our school building is in a mix of the old and new we have four classrooms named after constellations:  Pyxis (The Compass); Pegasus (The Magical); Draconis (The Guardian); Centaurus (The Tutor), as well as a room for emotional and literacy support, a vibrant well stocked library, a quiet room nicknamed ‘The Den’, and an Internet Café called ‘The Hub’ with Apple TV for use with our Ipads and Laptops. We are also lucky enough to have a large school hall.

At the front of the school we have a climbing wall and a beautiful mural and at the rear of the school we have beautiful grounds with views of the countryside and even the Tor. 

Outside we have a polytunnel and several large wooden planters for our growing projects, a bird hide and a willow tunnel, a lovely garden area, an outdoor classroom, a forest school area with a shelter and a campfire and we have a large wooden trim trail to play on.