Meare Village Primary School

“Today a seedling - tomorrow a flower”

St Mary's Road, Meare, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9SP

01458 860 228

Meare Village Primary School aims to equip our pupils with the skills and mindset to thrive and take on the world.

By developing these skills and this mindset, we believe that our children will have success today and be prepared for tomorrow.

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Headteacher’s Welcome Message

Welcome to Meare Village Primary School website! 

“Today a seedling – tomorrow a flower” 

Our school motto, written by one of our children and voted  for by all of our children, encapsulates the school we are. Every day is seen with the potential for new growth and development and the school environment and staff nourish and encourage this every day. 

Through our broad curriculum we facilitate the best academic progress through carefully sequenced lessons that build on prior learning, teaching them key skills and knowledge along the way, so that they produce high-quality, purposeful outcomes. 

We aim to broaden the children’s outlook, experience and personal development through a range of extra-curricular opportunities, from Forest School, to welcoming vocational visitors, to a range of clubs, to increasing their knowledge of local history, to theatre trips and whole-school immersion days.   

Our overall aim is for our children to become responsible, resilient, resourceful, reflective young people who see themselves has having a significant part to play as local, national and global citizens. 

If you are interested in seeing our school and all it has to offer, please contact the office so we can arrange a tour by our Year 6 Pupil Leadership Team. 

Ms Abi Isherwood – Meare Village Primary School Headteacher 

We Acknowledge The Value Of All Learning

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