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Glastonbury Abbey Trip 23rd February

Draconis class had a phenomenal trip to Glastonbury Abbey Friday. They started the day with a fabulous Historical Tour of the grounds and ruins in which they were able to show off all their learning to the tour guides, as well as learn some fantastic new facts and participate in the tour through role play. Some of the class were cast as Joseph of Arimathea, a monk, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, and King Edward and Queen Eleanor – they did a super job acting out history in front of the class! In groups, the children were also able to ‘Take the Vow’ where they became novice monks. As novice monks, they learnt all about the life of a monk, as well as signed their name with a quill and rang the bells! They also learnt all about life in the Abbot’s kitchen, where they were able to grind spelt to make flour and even take part in Medieval MasterChef, before a quiz on bizarre table manners and traditions. The class were incredibly polite and represented Meare Village Primary School in the best way imaginable – couldn’t be prouder! We all had so much fun and it was a fantastic way to finish our History unit!