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In history this half term we have focused on the Gunpowder Plot. The children have thought carefully about how this links to our golden thread of ‘Power’. We identified how things have changed from 1605 and acted out the event- creating freeze frames and taking part in hot seating by questioning ‘Guy Fawkes. We researched what Guy Fawkes might have looked like to create our own wanted posters and acted as detectives to match statements to images placed around the classroom. Also, we looked at how Bonfire Night has been celebrated over time and finally created a fact sheet about Bonfire Night identifying key facts to include. We have a workshop booked in for the first week back which will be great fun and highlight everything that we have learnt. 

During the last week of term we took part in a whole school Black History Month art morning. First, we listened to a video of Faith Ringgold sharing her story and illustrations from Tar Beach. We discussed about being free and where we would fly too. Then we looked at the artist Alma Thomas and learnt about her struggle to become an artist. Finally, we created a collage using her ideas of bright colours, different shades and shapes (particularly circles). 

We have all really enjoyed The Write Stuff Unit ‘If I Were In Charge Of The World’ and have enjoyed starting to write a poem together. The children enjoyed creating their own wanted poster for a leader and thought carefully about what they would remove from the world and what they would change.