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SEND: Sensory Impairments

Sensory impairments refer to conditions that affect children’s sensory processing, such as vision or hearing loss.
Visual impairments can range from partial sight to complete blindness, while hearing impairments can range from mild hearing loss to profound deafness. These impairments can significantly impact a child’s ability to perceive and interpret sensory information, affecting their communication, social interaction, and learning.

It is crucial for schools and educational institutions to provide appropriate accommodations and assistive technologies, such as braille materials, sign language interpreters or hearing aids, to facilitate access to information and promote inclusion.
By creating an inclusive and supportive environment, children with sensory impairments can thrive, participate fully, and achieve their educational goals.

If your child has a sensory impairment, the SENDCo at Meare Village Primary School is able to request support from the Children and Young People Specialist Service. If appropriate, a specialist teacher from this service will visit your child at school to assess and provide advice to the school staff. They will also advise on specialist resources that may support your child to access the curriculum.

For further information, visit or ask to speak to the school SENDCo via the school office.