Meare Village Primary School

“Today a seedling - tomorrow a flower”

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Meare Primary School Forum

What is the School Forum?

The School Forum is lead by a group of our older pupils who apply in writing for the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Publicity Officer and this year Global Affairs Officer and Charities Officer.

Every other week, meetings are held which all children are able to attend if they wish. This is an opportunity for them to share their views with the leaders and managers of the school. Sometimes they may have suggestions for improving playtimes or have ideas about events and learning opportunities. If anyone has ideas and does not wish to come to the School Forum they can use the suggestion box in the atrium. At the meeting, the Chairperson takes all of the suggestions out of the box and reads them.

As part of the School Forum we help other students around us by listening to their ideas and putting them forward to our teachers. In order to gather their suggestions, we host meetings with school students and note their opinions and views. Having discussed their notions, we formulate a plan of action and ensure that they are done.

School Forum Committee 2022-2023

Recent Fund Raising Efforts

In conjunction with the Friends of Meare we recently raised an amazing £232.34 at the Macmillan coffee/tea party.   

Please Click here for our correspondence about our fundraising efforts for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Service.

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Fundraiser
Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Fundraiser
Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Fundraiser

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