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SEND: Speech and Language Disorders

Speech and language difficulties in children encompass a range of challenges that affect their ability to communicate effectively. These difficulties can include speech sound disorders, language delays or disorders, stuttering, and difficulties with comprehension or expression.

Children with speech and language difficulties may struggle to articulate sounds or words, have limited vocabulary, find it hard to follow instructions, or experience difficulties in social interactions.

Early identification and intervention through speech therapy or language support programs are crucial to address these challenges. By providing appropriate strategies, therapy, and support, children can improve their communication skills, enhance their social interactions, and maximise their potential for academic and personal success.

If it is felt that your child may have a difficulty with their speech and language skills, the SENDCo is able to refer children to the NHS Integrated Therapy Service for a speech and language assessment with a speech and language therapist. If you would like to find out more about this, contact Kate Rogers (SENDCo), via the school office.