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Working Scientifically with Liquorice Allsorts

This term’s science unit ‘Looking After Our Environment’ is the perfect match with our English work on the persuasive speeches of Greta Thunberg.

This science unit also provides the perfect opportunity to focus on our enquiry skills. On Wednesday, we focussed on the skill of recording data by using Liquorice Allsorts to build branching diagrams which, with the help of matchboxes to hide the answers, we could test out on each other. Once we had tested each other’s diagrams, we were able to offer suggestions for improvements. Many of these suggestions focussed on the use of precise, scientific and mathematical language in the questions on each branch. We agreed that the more precise the language, the more efficient the diagram. For extra challenge, most groups were given certain words that they weren’t allowed to use in their diagrams such as ‘black’, ‘cuboid’ and ‘stripy’. This meant we were forced to think more scientifically and use more precise vocabulary.

Centaurus scientists will use this vital peer feedback as they move on to using the same enquiry skill – recording data – to understand the impact, effects and realities of ‘just’ a 1 degree temperature increase for our planet. Throughout this unit, we will measure the temperature, daily and rainfall, weekly. Once all the measurements have been collected, we will take averages and compare our data with national statistics.

As part of our English, we have already started to learn about how we can balance the scales in favour of Mother Nature and we have begun to research how to counteract the damaging effects of our dependence on fossil fuels.

Kayla’s initial research. Now we need to find out HOW to make these changes happen!
Ben’s initial research. Will we all be able to ride a unicycle by 2030 though?!